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The 3 R’s of homeschooling

(My lovely kiddos pictured on our first day at a new co-op – Oh, don’t we look super happy! )

Its a mental picture of sorts I have – it describes how our school year is going.  We are about 6 or 7 weeks in to our academics for the 2017-18 year, and I have to tell you about it:

You know that little kid on the playground who is too small to keep up, but is always trying hard, scrambling along just behind everyone?

That’s me.

I’m that little kid shouting, “Wait for me guys, wait for me!”    Almost always a day late and dollar short.

Assignments late for a new co-op teacher?  Check.  Forget an extra appointment, even though its been on the calendar for months.  You betcha.  Trying to remember new passwords and order the right stuff for the right class but getting it ALL WRONG.  Absolutely.

I was looking back thru my journal and found an entry from August where I wrote out all of the “new” things implicated in the upcoming school year -and really it was sort of a prayer asking the Lord for help.  When I got to writing it all out it became clear just how much our year was going to be different from the last – and the whole thing was a little (okay, a lot) scary.  It looked like this:

new school year.  Help
new co-op.  Help
new choir.  Help
new friends and relationships.  Help
new technology.  Help
new requirements.  Help
new classrooms.  Help
new schedules.  Help
new books, teachers, expectations.  help help help!
new expenses, new emotions. HELP!

So, I tried to encourage myself with these words:  New is good.  New is hard.  New stretches.  New is healthy.

It worked just a little.  But then, I thought about the real way to homeschool.  I learned this way back in the early days, but I always forget.  My heart is prone to wander from the truth.

I know beyond any doubt that homeschooling, this year, is what God has for our family.  And with this knowledge I can homeschool using the three Rs.  You may not know them…

Remember.  Remember His faithfulness – that He already has done big things and He will continue to accomplish through me what He has called us to do.  

Rely.  Once I get around to remembering (which is more difficult than one might think) I need to rely on that faithfulness – rely on His goodness, His mercy, His provision.  HE will do it. 

Rest.  I can calm down in the middle of all the “new” that we are experiencing.  Even if I feel like we can’t catch up, even if I feel like nothing is going the way I’ve planned, I can rest in HIM.  He is the author of this story, not me.  I can let my heart remain in HIM.  


“I am the vine and you are the branches.  He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”




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