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memories and a few teardrops

It wasn’t that long ago that I was looking online for dishes. Just a few months ago, I suppose.  I happened to mention the search to a friend of mine.  Little did I know she’d find them!

Specifically, I was searching for little glass trays with matching cups that have a tear drop design in the glass.   Perfect for a little snack and beverage, I’ve been wanting these little place settings because they would be just right for guests at a wedding or baby shower.

But really, that’s not why I wanted them.  I was looking at them because they remind me of GG, my dear Great-Grandmother, who used to serve us all manner of snacks and “splitzies” on those trays, with a little 7up in the matching cup.

When my friend texted me a photo, having found 8 sets at a local thrift store, I was elated.   I finally made it to the shop today, and I was relieved to find that they hadn’t been sold yet.  Of course, I bought all 8 sets.

Oh the memories that have been unlocked in my heart, just from seeing these little teardrop dishes today!   Her wonderful way of telling a story, the giggles and rolling laughter at her funny poetry, the crosswords, games of hide-the-thimble, strawberry picking, the snowballs at splitzie time (listen, I don’t have time to explain that one right now), the many books she read aloud to us,  her outrageous costume jewelry and that car of hers we road in around Ottumwa to the Hi-Vee or to the Baptist Temple – its all resting squarely, right on those little plates.

I’m so grateful for my GG, and her example of loving life, loving us, and loving Jesus.  Mostly, when I look at these dishes, I remember her, and I’m inspired to do the same!


One thought on “memories and a few teardrops

  1. Brought tears to MY eyes as well. Some wonder why I have kept certain things from my Mom or my Nana – – or even back to my (great) Grandmother – – it’s not that the piece itself is that valuable – – the memories that are priceless!

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