don’t cry over spilt milk

Well, you may or may not have heard that my laptop died. Specifically, my children killed it with a glass of water.

Friends, I was not able to take my own advice.

I cried over that glass of water.  A LOT.  So many important ideas and lists and thoughts were logged on that machine!  It almost felt like I lost a part of me!

One of the results of my Mac dying, along with the fact that we were out of town for 8 days, is that I got a little bit behind in cake baking and blogging.    This is life, ya know? But, I’m gonna catch up!   I’ve got some serious baking to do!  And, I can blog now, thanks to my mom loaning me her laptop for a bit.

Thanks, Mom!

Guess what guys!?!  While we were out of town, my hubs got me a new bundt pan!  And a cool new America’s Test Kitchen CAKES magazine!    I’m wiping away the tears – and its back to weekly cakes!

I’ll be posting in a few days, ok?!

Thanks for being patient with me!  I hope you’ll jump back in on the journey with me!




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