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Cake #25 Hawaiian Pineapple Butter Cake father’s day MAJOR Fail!

Hawaiian Pineapple Butter Cake – #25.  Fail.

It is Father’s Day.  And let me say – I found this brilliant cake on Pinterest, or so I thought!  I just knew my hubs, my dad and my father-in-law would all love it.  Last nite I set out to make it, thinking I had a slam-dunk new favorite in the works.

I could not have been more wrong.

The cake itself was delicious – I know because I had extra batter and made mini bundts of just cake, without the pineapple. The cake was perfect – it could not have turned out better.  But, I knew as soon as I popped the full-sized cake out of the pan, I had miscalculated by drastic proportions.  There was a pineapple mixture that was supposed to bake up into the cake – and it didn’t.  Nope – it was just mushy slop, sitting on top of the cake.  It looked terrible and the pineapple mush didn’t even really taste good.

What a disaster.  And, what a waste!  Oh how I hate to waste such a golden, fluffy and moist cake with a delicious vanilla-pineapple sweet flavor.  How could I have gone so wrong?

Well, I’m giving myself huge loads of grace today – and remembering what NOT to do again…

So, what do you do when you need a Father’s Day dessert, and soon?  Well – I for one ran to the Wal Mart to get a few things – and I’m making Mississippi Mud for my family.  Its a nice, chilled, summertime-chocolatey dessert that I know everyone will love.

I’ll hop back on the bundt cake train next week!

(no photos, guys!  believe me – you don’t want to see this mess…)

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