friends and loved ones

In the middle of the busy month of May,

my baby girl turned 8.    How in the world did that happen?  Time really does fly, friends, but, that is a subject for another time.

Let me tell you about our celebration!

Mackenzie, is my sweet, spunky, youngest baby.    She loves her family, loves to play outside and loves all kinds of board games.    When her birthday rolled around, her desires were simple.  A few friends and family to celebrate,  a cookie cake with ice-cream sundaes –  her gift wish list was even simpler.

Since she is so simple in her “wants”, we had little to go on as far as gift ideas.  But, my hubby came up with a fantastic idea! (He never fails to amaze me with his gift-giving skills.)   She loves being outdoors so much, we decided to clear an area of our side front yard and  surprise her by hanging a tree swing!  It was a huge hit!   She and her cousins and friends partied, swinging all day long!

I love who this precious girl is becoming – and I’m completely amazed and thrilled that we get to be her parents!  I can’t wait to share the coming with year with her and all the possibilities it holds!

Thank you, Lord for the goodness you’ve shown to our family by blessing us with the gift of Mackenzie!





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