For this, I have Jesus

It’s turning out to be a day like most- orthodontist appointment for my big girl, a few errands, school work, lunch with some friends, laundry, and choir this afternoon.   There’s chicken thawing on my counter so we can grill out tonight.  The seasons are changing and we can look forward to fresh food cooked outdoors- it’s my favorite!

“They” say that the more things change, the more they stay the same- and that seems to be true in my life.  The world keeps turning us thru change upon change, and I keep needing to multitask things like folding laundry while I read a “new” read aloud from our school list to my little people.

My cousin Amy sent us an email recently, sharing a few thoughts from my beloved Grandma B.  One of the most beautiful things I had ever heard came from that email.   She said in the good times and the bad :”For this I have Jesus”.  It happens to be the title of a Song and an Our Daily Bread devotional.

It’s an idea I’ve known in theory my entire life.  Jesus is with us through every moment.  But- to claim it in such a fashion!! For this (fill in the blank here) I have Jesus.
For the never ending laundry, for the cooking and cleaning, for the arguments and resolutions, for the hurt feelings, for the illness, for the pain, for the unfulfilled dreams, for the misunderstandings, and the list goes on and on and on…

Every moment can be lived in peace and claimed by the power of Jesus because He gave His life for us and yet lives for us.    No matter how many more times this world turns while I’m alive, this is one thing I know will remain the same:   For all my days, I have Jesus.

3 thoughts on “For this, I have Jesus

  1. Hi Melody, That thought is so blessed and strengthening.

    Again, please know you and Michael and the kids are so loved and prayed for by Zal and I. May the Lord guide your every step. Has anything developed re Michael’s job and/or your church fellowship?

    Lovingly, Uncle Don​

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