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provision on wheels

In January of 2003, we found ourselves looking for a car, after a terrible car accident while traveling up north.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I’m telling you the truth: I had no idea how in the world we were going to be able to afford anything at all, let alone anything I’d actually want to drive, and do you know what happened?

God gave us the gift of a beautiful, royal blue VW Jetta wagon.  I loved that car, not just because I’d always wanted one – but, because with all of our circumstances added up, it was nothing other than a gift from our Heavenly Father. There is no other explanation.

So, when the spring of 2007 rolled around after Isaac was born, and we realized we needed a bigger vehicle for the four of us – I was heart broken – not because I loved my Jetta – but, because it was hard to give up something that was a love-gift.  But, we took it in to the Honda dealership to trade, and once again – there was a financial miracle far beyond our expectations and we drove away in a new Honda Odyssey.

There’s something about driving your kids around in a car like this day after day.  It is a reliable companion, a cohort on adventure, and a peaceful place for nappers on the way home after a full day of excitement.  My little mini-van was my “get-away car” in less than delightful situations, and my joy ride on a beautiful day.  My kids named her, but I could never remember her name – I just knew she was old faithful to me. She was all of this because God saw fit to give her to us.

A few months back, we began to realize it may be time to let her go.  We began watching and waiting for the right replacement – what fit our budget and what fit the needs of our family. Our dealership of choice was the local Carmax, watching for the right gently used possibilities.    Month after month passed and we watched the “right” cars pass us by, knowing it wasn’t the right time yet.

Finally, last week, we knew the time was right – and we began watching – planning to purchase over the weekend.  Right before our eyes, over the week, we watched as every deal, every car we thought reasonable, disappeared from the website, until Friday night when we looked – there was not one car left that fit the bill.

Even though we have this beautiful track record of God’s provision to look over and call to mind, I was so disappointed.   There was nothing left that we wanted.  How could this be?!?  Should we just settle for something that was not the best, and pay hard-earned money for something that didn’t fit what we needed?

But, let me tell you what happened on Saturday morning!  As we sat at Chickfila for breakfast, Michael pulled up the Carmax app on his phone one more time – and there it was! Brand new, in Chattanooga over night!  Just what we had been hoping for!  It could not have been more right!  Michael immediately put a hold on it, we gobbled down breakfast, sped across town and bought it!

Friends, I cannot tell you the joy in my heart to see Him so clearly provide exactly what we needed, at exactly the right time ; it was a beautiful thing for my heart.  It also made it a tad bit easier to let go of the odyssey, my faithful friend of almost 10 years.  Our prayer is that He will use that ol’ girl to be a faithful friend now to someone who needs her.

We are so thankful for His provision, because we know that all good things come as gifts from Him.     

saying goodbye, to our sweet and faithful friend.

and hello, to our new companion!

the kids were pretty excited!


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