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I’ve finally made a decision…

People have been asking; you may have been wondering.  I was too, you know.  Sometimes,  on less significant choices (chocolate or red velvet? strawberry or blueberry?), I am terribly indecisive.  This time it took even longer than usual to make my decision.  I mean, I wanted it to be just right.

Ends up that I had to ask my sister.  She’s good at this kind of thing.  I mean, she’s GOOD.  So, I texted for her help.  (If you can’t ask your big sister, who can you ask?)

What in the world should I call my little, on-the-side, cake baking business?   And, without hesitating, (seriously, it was seconds) she texted:

More Cake, Please. 

And it was done.  There could not be a better title for this small little adventure I’m on.

Eventually there might be a website and other fun stuff!  But, for now, you can follow all the crazy cake baking nonsense (and other general kitchen and foodie shenanigans) on Instagram at:   mor3cakeplease

That is all for now.  Just thought you might want to know.




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