Gladys and her maiden voyage

Meet Gladys, the newest member of our family.   Her full name is Gladys Cocoa Day. dsc01066

She’s a 7qt Kitchenaid pro.  Not the most expensive or fancy stand mixer out there, but I’m confident in her ability to get the job done.

Yesterday I had time to get down to business and taker her on her first mixing adventure.  What did Gladys help me make?   Well, Chocolate chip cookies, of course.  There may not be a recipe I make more often than this one…


She whipped up the dough like a champ.


And of course, Gladys has brought much excitement to my kitchen, so I had many offers of help.  My buddy loves helping with cookies!


But he does have ulterior motives!  He is well acquainted with the benefits…


(you can see what week two’s cake was there on my board, eh?  more to come on that later…)

The cookies turned out soft and gooey in the middle and just a little crispy on the bottom! Perfection.

What more can a girl ask for on a cool January evening than a satisfying, warm, chewy cookie?

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