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love notes

Late last year my youngest baby girl began writing me love notes.  In the sweetest little printing she wrote on tiny little post-it notes.  I found them stuck in my bedroom, in the kitchen, in our school area.    Some like this…


some like this…


and others like this – She says it is a picture of the two of us holding hands, eating ice cream cones.


These small acts of love have meant the world to me.  Probably more than she will ever know.

So, today when she brought home a beautiful piece of valentine’s art she had made in her art class, I naturally assumed it was for me.


But it wasn’t.

She said she was planning to hang it in her bedroom and keep it for herself.

Well, I was heart-broken.  and a teensy bit annoyed.  What nerve! I mean, after all I do for that girl…   ahem…

And then I realized…  I do exactly what she did! – I give little pieces of my heart to my Heavenly Father.  I compose little love notes to Him in my prayer journal.  I offer Him small morsels of my life.  Whole heartedly I give Him a few of the things that are semi-important to me.

But, far too often I hold back.  When it comes to the things I love- in the secret places of my heart – I keep those for myself. Those are mine to use, for my own control, my own personal gain, my own glory.  I love Him right up to the point where I might have to surrender something that would hurt to let go.

Even after His enormous sacrifice – I’m unable to fully give in return.

The good news?  He knows my heart.  As He gently coaxes me, and draws me to Himself, I learn to love Him more, and give Him more of myself.  I’m reminded of the truth of this love note:

“We love Him because He first loved us.”  1 John 4:19

The more I sink into the goodness of His love, that’s when I’m able to give those things to Him I’ve reserved for myself.

Thank you Heavenly Father for loving me, when I’m unlovable, even when I’m unloving.  I’m grateful for your unfathomable, unending love.  amen.

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