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a joyful 2016

We were standing in the bathroom, a few days ago, New Year’s Eve to be exact – it was Mackenzie and me.  Her fluffy white towel wrapped snuggly around her waiting for me to help her get dressed.  I had just brought in her clothes and she was frowning.

What had I brought her to wear?

From my perspective: it was a brand new outfit from Gymboree (purchased on sale of course) and it was super cute – sparkling pink corduroys and the matching lavender and pink striped shirt.  I thought for sure she’d love it – girly, but simple.

From her perspective: It was plain.  Her favorite shirt was in her dresser drawer, and this wasn’t it.  The stripes were boring and even though it was brand new, it wasn’t enough.  frown. frown. frown.

After long conversation, she put it on because she had to, (because I’m the mama) but not with a happy contented heart. Truthfully, it made me sad because I shopped and purchased those clothes for her, because I love her and had her “likes” (or dislikes as the case may be) in mind.

The new year came into view later that day, but I kept thinking about that little exchange with my baby girl.  She and I are so alike.

You know, I wore 2015 around like my daughter in her least favorite shirt.  It wasn’t my favorite year- I’ve seen better (or so I’ve thought without realizing it, till just now).  I wore it because I had to. And although I tried to be grateful for the blessings from my Father’s hand, I can say I was not extraordinarily content or happy about them.  I’m always looking for the next better or exciting gift, even though He gave so much – and it was exactly what He planned for me, knowing my needs.

I didn’t realize how insulting my behavior in 2015 was, until my daughter didn’t like the new shirt I provided…  Thankfully, my Heavenly Father is gracious and gentle with me ; His mercies are fresh and new, here at the beginning of 2016!

Long lists of resolutions are not really my thing, but as the New Year rolled in, I asked the Lord to help me be grateful and content in Him.  That may mean any manner of blessings and trials alike, I realize that.   It is my prayer that living a thankful, satisfied life will bring a deeper, abiding joy in Him this 2016.


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