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leave the light on


Several weeks ago my husband decided to run conduit in our backyard, ending at the bottom of the steps that lead up to his workshop.   He has been working on this project, building an elaborate lamp post for the better part of two months.

At one point I said to him, “There are so many things you could be working on now.  We are so close to you making a guitar.  Why are you wasting time on this light fixture?”  I was a tad bit frustrated, in case you can’t tell. If it were up to me, I’d have him floundering in the dark.  But, calmly he said, ” I need the light.  It is dark out there at night.  And that’s when I’ll be working in the shop mostly – at night.”  so that settled that, and now – the project is complete.

Now we have a golden glowing lamp giving light to everyone who comes to the shop.

It will come as no surprise to you then, knowing my careless frame of mind, that last week I found myself navigating in the dark.  By my own choice, no less.  Life had become terribly busy, many places to be,  stuff to do and decisions to make.   In the middle of that, social media was lit on fire with disagreements about refugees, politics, devastation and terrorists, christianity, elections and many other dilemmas.  I tell you it caught me off guard;  I was completely blindsided and could not see straight.

The problem is, it wasn’t until several days into the struggle of trying to separate my emotions, thoughts and beliefs that I realized : I was in the dark.  Normally as my days pass, my schedule includes opening God’s Word – I keep the lamp lit on my path.   However – in the midst of getting busy, I had let the light go out.  I hadn’t made the time to read and think on His Words and His thoughts.

Sometimes I forget just how important it is to keep His Light pointed at my steps – and I let myself stumble in the dark.   But I do remember learning this Scripture and it’s importance when I was a child:

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. ”  Psalm 119:105

As promised, His Word glows in my heart and my mind – illuminating my way.  I can’t tell you I’ve figured everything out and have all the answers.  But, I do know decisions become clear and right thoughts are brought to light in the presence of His Words.   God’s Word is what keeps me from fumbling around in the night;  it guides every single step. I’ve just gotta remember to leave the light on.


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