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hidden surprises

It was cherry chip.  Cherry flavored and bright pink, with red bits of cherry.  The crumb was creamy, but light and fluffy – and the frosting was very very pink, but vanilla flavored and sweet enough to make your teach ache.  To this little girl, it was the most beautiful cake ever, with two round nine inch pink layers of cake and a dangerously thick slathering of that decadent frosting between.  I feel sure there were sprinkles and candles.   I’m describing every birthday cake that my Mom made for me until I was probably 10.  because I begged for it – cherry chip or nothing.

With my memory blurring a bit, (after all, I did request the same cake  year after year) there is still one cake that stands out.

I was turning seven.  To this day, the scene is as clear as though it happened last month, even though it was thirty years ago.  What was so exciting and memorable about that 7th birthday cake?

a surprise.

My mom had wrapped coins in foil,buried them in the cake batter and baked them into the cake layers.  As we ate the cake, any money I found in my piece I got to keep.  This was HUGE!  For many years after that we’d beg Mom to conceal money in the birthday cake – and we’d dig through the cake, hunting for all the coins!

This year I will turn thirty-eight and I don’t have any intention of tearing up my birthday cake in hopes of change.  But, this birthday cake memory from so long ago reminds me to do a different kind of digging.

Last year, God’s Word revealed many delightful morsels to me.  Some completely new and vibrant, others renewed and fresh again.   Thankfully, there are familiar passages that will always ring true, bringing peace and comfort. But there is also excitement and rejuvenation for my spirit when I find a new life-giving truth from God’s Word.

The good news is that His provision is far greater than my need.  There is always more encouragement from His Word to be found, for my heart’s keeping.   Maybe its a bit of wonder to revel in, that makes me want to linger a little longer.  Or it could be the kind of grace that finds my wandering heart and walks me home.  Sometimes it is a blanket of mercy and protection, covering my heart and mind.  Beautiful, lovely, morsels – waiting on discovery as I consume God’s Word.

It shouldn’t surprise me so much when I uncover something new, something I didn’t see before.  The truth is: all that I need for life is found only in Him.  It makes sense then, that He will give me all that I need for each day.

from Psalm 90:
Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

Thank you Heavenly Father for your promises filled with love and truth that are tucked away in Your Word.  I could not live without them. Keep me searching.  Whet my appetite so that my heart desires more and more of You.  amen.

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