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pumpkin cake confusion…

His resolution was firm.  “I do not want pumpkin pie! My tummy will not like it!”  This is what Isaac told me during our discussion regarding the Thanksgiving menu.  “Okay…. So, what do you and your tummy want?”  I asked him.  “Pumpkin cake.  I want pumpkin cake.” And he ran off down the hall before I could respond.

Well, being the confident mommy-baker that I am, I sat down at my computer to find a pumpkin flavored cake- type of dessert that would please my little boy and his tummy.  That wouldn’t be a problem and I always enjoy trying something new.  As I searched a few of my favorite “go-to” websites for baking, I heard Isaac talking with wild excitement to Emily.

“Emily!  Guess what?!?  Mommy is going to make the big chocolate cake shaped like a pumpkin with lots of orange frosting!”

um.  Houston… we have a problem…

I realized right then and there that what my son had requested and what I had agreed to were two very different things.  And now, I needed a completely different game plan.  I probably should have asked a few more questions about the cake he wanted.  What he was hoping for was a special cake my sister-in-law makes at Thanksgiving time and brings to our family dinner. Admittedly, he is always very excited to see that cake make its appearance.  The cake I am making for tomorrow is nothing like that cake. I don’t have the experience, time or equipment to make that cake.  But, my cake is chocolate.  And it will have orange frosting.

Working around my kitchen this afternoon, I was reminded of something.  again. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father who knows and understands me. I’m sure I’ve had these thoughts before, but it is important to rehearse, here at the beginning of Thanksgiving.  As a mom, I am not able to decipher every wish that my children have.  Sometimes I am not able to do what is best. And sometimes I make mistakes.  But God, my heavenly Father is a much better parent than I am.  He understands every request I make- even if I don’t use the right words – even if I don’t know how to ask-  and He blesses me again and again, beyond my wildest imaginations.

from Psalm 31:

19 Oh, how great is Your goodness,
Which You have laid up for those who fear You,
Which You have prepared for those who trust in You
In the presence of the sons of men!

No confusion here:  I am a blessed woman. The goodness and the lovingkindness He shows to me as His child is beyond amazing. My heart is grateful. What a beautiful way to begin this season of Thanksgiving!

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving to everyone!

                             My favorite little ‘pumpkin cake’ boy!

2 thoughts on “pumpkin cake confusion…

  1. I just told John this story and he commented on how Isaac talks about his stomach in the third person. Hilarious! Hope Isaac and his stomach enjoyed the meal!

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